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Savings Associations

We represent federally chartered and state-chartered savings and loan associations and savings banks, as well as their holding companies and subsidiaries, and counsel them on compliance with the myriad federal and state laws and regulations governing the operations of savings associations and financial institutions.  Our practice in this area ranges from drafting and revising institutional policies to representing our clients in enforcement proceedings.

Our attorneys regularly assist our savings association clients who are expanding their businesses through mergers, acquisitions, and the formation of holding companies, as well as assist with branch sales and purchases.  We also advise clients on offering additional financial services through the acquisition of insurance agencies and through contractual relationships with third parties selling insurance and securities.  In mutual-to-stock conversions, we have served as counsel to converting institutions and as counsel to underwriters. 

Our services to publicly held savings association clients include assistance with Securities and Exchange Commission filing requirements, such as annual, quarterly, and periodic reports and Section 16 filings, as well as advice on compliance with securities laws and regulations in connection with securities issuances, purchases, and transfers.  We also counsel clients on public offerings and private placements of equity and debt securities.  We have guided a number of savings associations through the process of terminating the registration of their securities under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Our experience with banking and securities laws has enabled us to advise numerous clients with the various programs arising from the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. 

We also advise our clients on a wide variety of commercial activities and transactions, such as loan documentation and restructuring, leases, data processing agreements, employment agreements, and benefit plans.  Our attorneys have assisted clients with negotiating, drafting, and amending transactional documents and have represented them in court when transactions result in litigation.