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Real Estate

Acquisitions, Sales/Dispositions, and Leasing

Our lawyers are regularly involved in every aspect of the acquisition, sale, and leasing of all types of real estate – from industrial facilities, shopping centers, offices, and commercial buildings to multi-family housing projects, commercial and residential condominiums, and residential subdivisions. 

We have represented public and semi-public facilities, developers, businesses, and agencies in many complex multi-party transactions.  In such transactions, our clients benefit from the combination of our substantial real estate knowledge and our experience in representing and negotiating with financial institutions, municipalities, and other public bodies.  Our attorneys routinely advise clients on resolving title defects, addressing environmental concerns, effecting 1031 exchanges, and structuring conventional and synthetic leases.  

We also represent both public authorities and private clients on matters relating to condemnation and the power of eminent domain. Our lawyers often negotiate and litigate issues involving just compensation in condemnation suits in courts throughout Ohio.