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Energy and Utilities

Electric Power and Transmission

Our firm has a team of attorneys who hold advanced degrees in economics and engineering and who regularly assist clients on electric rate issues.  In states where the public service commission sets rates and service terms, we analyze applications and proposed tariffs and participate in rate cases and rulemaking proceedings.  In restructured states, our lawyers advise competitive retail and wholesale suppliers on applicable rules, tariffs, and bidding procedures. 

We also assist generators (both alternative and conventional fuel designs) with acquiring siting permits, rights of way, and environmental permits to construct and operate throughout the Appalachian Basin.  Our engagements in this area include generation based on wind, landfill gas, industrial gas, waste industrial heat and bio-mass, as well as conventionally fueled generation.  Our attorneys draw upon a wealth of practical experience in addressing these matters, which allows them to effectively support our clients’ project planning committees and interactions with contractors, even on short notice.

Our attorneys are proficient at helping generators and those who market power (load serving entities) navigate PJM and MISO Regional Transmission Organization (“RTO”) procedures.  We have significant experience in the multi-stage review process needed for the interconnection of new generation to the RTO grid, as well as experience with issues concerning use of RTO markets, conservation programs, and firm transmission rights.