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Employment Relations, Policies, and Regulatory Practice

Equal Employment Opportunity

Employers are regularly challenged by newly enacted federal and state laws that broaden the scope of prohibited discrimination by establishing new protected classes of employees.  We provide practical legal counseling to help employers navigate through the complexities of Title VII, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and many other relevant federal and state statutes.  Our attorneys assist our clients with respect to performing harassment and/or discrimination investigations and preparing formal responses to agency charges and requests for information. Because prevention is an integral part of the equal employment opportunity responsibilities of Human Resources professionals and other supervisory personnel, our attorneys also provide assistance with policy formulation and conduct supervisor/manager training.

Title VII, Americans with Disabilities Act, and Age Discrimination in Employment Act

Our attorneys routinely advise employers on compliance with Title VII, the ADA and ADEA.  The scope of our services includes: