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Behavioral Health Care, Developmental Disabilities and Child Welfare

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing organizations and professionals involved in the field of behavioral health (mental health and alcohol and drug treatment and prevention), developmental disabilities (DD), and child welfare. We represent a variety of statewide trade associations in the behavioral health and DD fields on numerous issues, including systemic regulatory and reimbursement matters, as well as the development and implementation of Medicaid waiver programs. We work with trade association leadership on a day to day basis and understand the challenges faced by associations and their members not only with regard to specific regulatory issues but also as employers in a highly regulated industry.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in the child welfare and foster care arenas.  We represent providers on licensing matters before state agencies and negotiate contracts with local payers, and understand the complex funding systems, such as Title IV-E and Medicaid.

We represent providers with Medicaid managed care contracting issues and understand the unique challenges that providers face as Medicaid managed care is rolled out to include specialty populations where the individuals served are particularly vulnerable.

Our attorneys work with statewide trade associations on health care policy development and implementation.  As a result, our attorneys know not only the law, but also the context in which the law was enacted.  We speak the language of providers in a field that is fraught with complexity and misperception.

We have represented many providers before state agencies, have negotiated contracts with various payors, and have provided reimbursement counseling on complex Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement matters.  Our attorneys not only understand the more traditional institutional programs, but also are very experienced in the home and community-based Medicaid waiver programs, including 1915 and 1115 Medicaid waivers, as well as all types of community-based programming.