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Information Technology

IT Consulting, Implementation, and Outsourcing

The proliferation of new technologies, and new technology services, have profoundly affected many areas of business activity.  We help both emerging start-ups and mature businesses to navigate through the evolving technology trends and terminology, to realize returns on their software and hardware investments, and to identify and implement fair ways to measure the quality of their technology services.

Technology consulting and implementation initiatives often are multi-faceted, and may involve personnel throughout an enterprise as well as a variety of subcontractors and vendors.  Our attorneys help our clients to make sense of the complex flow of obligations and proprietary rights.  We tailor our approach to include practical problem-solving for unique technology needs, as well as high-level strategizing on how best to achieve business goals.

Our lawyers also assist our clients in understanding how the performance of services implicates different types of intellectual property rights, including copyrights, patents, and trade secrets.  We aid our clients in protecting their confidential information during and after the performance of technology services.

In addition, our attorneys are proficient at crafting agreements for software and systems development, consulting, implementation, and customization that are tailored to our clients’ particular needs.  For users and buyers of technology services, we help to  structure key incentives and remedies with milestones and testing procedures, identify critical specifications, and minimize the risk of run-away project costs.  In all of these engagements, we work to model service levels to fit our clients’ circumstances.

We help clients who are developers and outsourcers to prepare form and customized services agreements that will minimize customer negotiations and potential liabilities.  Our attorneys regularly structure arrangements for retailers, insurance companies, major utilities, health care providers, and financial institutions that find it cost-effective to outsource their data processing, call-center services, and record retention to third parties and which often include employee transfer issues.  Finally, we advise our clients on developing meaningful and appropriate disaster recovery and business interruption services and arrangements.