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Labor and Employment

Employment Relations, Policies, and Regulatory Practice

In-house employment counsel, management, and human resources professionals constitute an employer’s first line of defense against exposure to employment litigation.  Our attorneys provide these individuals with knowledgeable, prompt, and effective advice.  Although we take pride in our ability to litigate all types of employment cases, our primary goal is to use our legal knowledge and experience to assist companies and managers in anticipating and preventing employee relations problems through education, training, and counseling.  We also assist our clients in preparing and implementing personnel policies designed to minimize the potential for employer liability.  Our lawyers are devoted to understanding our clients’ business objectives, crafting practical solutions, providing technical advice at the highest levels, and ensuring immediate service and response. 

Our attorneys have extensive practical experience counseling and representing a broad range of clients, from the nation's largest public corporations to private start-up companies in virtually every industry.  We counsel these clients on a diverse array of issues, including: