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Labor/Management Relations

Vorys on Labor BlogOur firm has been advising clients on labor/management relations matters since the early 1930s, when New Deal statutes created federal collective bargaining rights for employees.  We have represented union and non-union employers in both the private and public sectors in addressing the full breadth of issues related to collective bargaining.   

Our labor lawyers have great experience in counseling non-union clients who wish to remain union free and have guided many employers through organizing campaigns in which employees chose to remain non-union.  For clients with union work forces, we provide practical solutions to day-to-day labor/management relations issues.  We advise management in collective bargaining negotiations and often act as the lead negotiator for our clients at the bargaining table.  We also are experienced in administering collective bargaining agreements and in advising and representing management in grievance and arbitration proceedings arising under those agreements.  We represent employers in decertification drives, discharge cases, unfair labor practice matters, and all of the types of litigation that may arise under the National Labor Relations Act and related federal and state laws. 

When work stoppages occur, we actively work with our clients to address the issues surrounding such incidents, including obtaining injunctive relief to address improper picketing or illegal wildcat strikes, preventing disruption of business relationships by pursuing secondary boycott charges, counseling on replacement of striking workers, and handling post-strike litigation.

Our experience teaches that the most effective approach to labor/management relations is to begin with a thorough understanding of statutory, regulatory, and contractual obligations and then complement that understanding with a careful focus on practical and realistic objectives.  We provide our clients with both legally effective and practical ways to achieve their business goals while at the same time allowing them to remain in control of their labor/management relation matters.