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Internet and E-Commerce

Domain Names

The internet is ubiquitous.  It has become an essential part of how we communicate.  Businesses now feel compelled to have an internet “presence” and many make it their primary method of selling to and communicating with customers.  As a result, internet domain names have become increasingly important to businesses, often as an essential part of their branding efforts.  Vorys attorneys strategize with our clients on the many decisions that must be made about which, and how many domain names to register, as well as selecting the appropriate generic (gTLD) and country code Top Level Domain – such as .com, .us, and .net – in which registration should occur.

Vorys attorneys have helped numerous clients defend and reclaim domain names from cybersquatters, who register domain names that are similar to our clients’ trademarks, whether through the court system or ICANN’s Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).  We assist our clients in targeting, identifying, and exposing cybersquatters, so that our clients’ intellectual property is well defended in cyberspace.