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Intellectual Property, Entertainment, and Technology Protection

Branding and Trademarks

For more than 30 years, our firm’s intellectual property lawyers have diligently and creatively protected and enforced our clients’ trademarks helping to build and maintain strong brands.  We offer cost-effective and forward-looking strategies for the branding process, whether the matter involves a multi-jurisdictional roll-out for a multi-national corporation or the protection of a new mark for a start-up enterprise. 

Our attorneys do not simply provide rote registration services.  Instead, we work with our clients to articulate their intellectual property goals, ensuring that each intellectual property asset serves those broad goals.  We also educate our clients on the risks of their intellectual property asset decisions and suggest procedures or alternatives to minimize those risks.

Our comprehensive trademark services include, for example, counseling, clearing, and investigating marks and names, registration, licensing, due-diligence, co-branding and sponsorships, naming rights, confidentiality, piracy and counterfeiting, trade dress, deceptive trade practices, customs registration, litigation, and UDRP arbitrations.  Our attorneys have extensive commercial experience, which we draw upon to counsel clients in audits, acquisitions, sales, and securitization transactions.  Importantly, our intellectual property lawyers understand tax, corporate, litigation, employment, and franchise implications and are aware of the many “hidden” intellectual property issues that may arise in modern business scenarios.

We handle thousands of marks and branding situations world-wide and have developed a global network of foreign counsel to help our clients navigate the nuances of other countries’ intellectual property laws.