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Bankruptcy and Creditors' Rights

Secured Creditor and Lender Representation

Our attorneys have extensive experience in representing secured creditors and lenders.  Because we also represent debtors, creditors’ committees, trustees, receivers, and examiners, our attorneys are familiar with the full range of issues that secured creditors and lenders may face.  Our lawyers have experience in the procedural and litigation complexities inherent in the representation of secured creditors and lenders, but also maintain a practical view that focuses on recovering the most value at the least cost.  We look for creative opportunities to resolve conflicts that may otherwise make recovery more difficult or expensive.  If litigation is required to fully protect our clients’ interests, our lawyers have decades of experience in achieving superior results in court.  

We recognize that it is the agile secured creditor or lender who is best protected, and we stand ready to respond rapidly to even the most  complex matters.  Our lawyers will take full advantage of computer technology and other available tools to enhance the prospects for a prompt recovery. 

We have successfully handled the following matters, among others: