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Antitrust and Trade Regulation

Antitrust Counseling

Antitrust issues arise in every industry, in many different situations – such as when businesses decide pricing, consider mergers or attend trade association meetings.  When our clients come to us with an antitrust concern, they want rapid, practical and balanced advice.  Our antitrust lawyers respond with prompt, reasoned and real solutions that our clients can put into action. 

We counsel, among others:

Our lawyers have a broad spectrum of experience combined with good business judgment that can prevent a concern from becoming a crisis.  Our antitrust counselors also are  antitrust litigators who have first-hand experience with the real-life consequences of antitrust challenges. 

Our clients want to plan ahead, anticipate and avoid potential problems.  Our antitrust counselors help to develop cost-effective compliance planning and training programs that are targeted specifically to our clients and their industries.  We work with our clients' business people to determine what antitrust issues may arise and to inform and strategize with our clients on how to avoid or minimize antitrust risks.