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Government Relations

Government Relations

Many clients who need action before federal, state, or local government departments and agencies seek help from our lawyers. We help those clients achieve their objectives as promptly and efficiently as possible, and with a minimum of expense and frustration.

More than 40 of our lawyers have direct professional experience in problem solving before those departments and agencies. We offer representation before Congress and federal departments, agencies, and commissions, the Ohio and Texas legislative bodies, county commissions, and city councils, including the District of Columbia’s. Our lawyers also provide representation before international institutions, from United Nations agencies to regional development banks, foreign governments’ ministries and their and our embassies.

Our lawyers have assisted clients in devising and drafting proposed legislation, ordinances, and amendments, and in preparing testimony and other submissions offered by clients, sponsors, witnesses, and advocates. Our lawyers know the intricacies of parliamentary procedure and help our clients craft effective strategies to support, oppose, or amend legislation. Our lawyers are experienced in advocating our clients’ positions to lawmakers, their staffs, and potential supporters or coalition members. They also advise our clients on compliance with federal, state, and local campaign finance, ethics, and lobbying laws, rules, and regulations.  They even speed up visa approvals.