RSS feeds

RSS Feeds 

RSS - also known as Really Simple Syndication - is an XML-based format for distributing news articles. Vorys offers RSS feeds of our publications and legal updates. These feeds include headlines and summaries of publications in an XML format which link to the full articles on the firm's website. Signing up for RSS feeds allows Vorys to deliver the content that you select from our list below and display it for you in one convenient location. RSS feeds are a simple way to receive timely legal updates from the firm.

How do I subscribe to a feed? There are several ways to read an RSS feed. You can download a free RSS reader through a site such as  Web browsers such as Firefox and Opera have built-in RSS readers, as do some mail programs, including Thunderbird. Once you've picked out your news reader, read the instructions for the reader to subscribe to the feeds on the right.

After you have installed a news reader onto your PC, you may subscribe to the RSS feeds offered by Vorys by clicking on the RSS icons to the right or copying the link into your RSS news reader.