Politics is Not War

Attorneys & Professionals

Zack Space, a principal with Vorys Advisors and a former member of congress, co-authored an article for The Hill titled “Politics is Not War.”  Space co-authored the article with Former Congressman Mickey Edwards (R-Oklahoma).  The article focused on the need for bipartisanship in government.

The article states:

“The seats in the House of Representatives are not battle lines. They are places for members of Congress to sit and listen to their colleagues, with respect.

When we both left Congress, it was bad, but not this bad. The 2016 election is shaping up to be one of the most uncivil in decades, from the presidential level to the local level. We’ve seen a candidate physically assaulted for his political beliefs in West Virginia, riots in San Jose, and endless insults on social media attacking the personal character of politicians and citizens alike. This behavior is undemocratic.

Polls show that Democrats and Republicans alike agree that the tone and tenor of the 2016 election is closer than ever to resembling warfare. Whoever lands in the White House will have their work cut out for them to put back the pieces of our splintered populace and restore civility.

If we’re to ensure a bright future for our nation, we must stop thinking of politics as war where our opponents must be defeated at any cost. Politics isn’t war, it is debate—the democratic means by which we come together to move America forward.

That’s why we are working with the National Institute for Civil Discourse to revive civility in our politics. We expect our leaders to act like leaders, not bar-room brawlers, and we hope citizens will stand up, peacefully, to incivility.”

To read the entire article, visit The Hill’s website.