Client Alert: A Reporter’s Call: Not One to Ignore

Attorneys & Professionals

We understand that incoming calls from reporters and media outlets can be scary.  It’s natural to not want to comment and, instead, ignore the reporter’s call. “No comment” or no response typically carries a negative connotation in news stories and leads readers/viewers/listeners to think that the person or company is hiding something – whether they are or not.  But, Vorys’ Strategic Communications team is increasingly producing public relations and communications plans for companies that help smooth over potentially negative media coverage.

Here are three reasons why we rarely recommend ignoring reporters’ calls:

The Vorys Strategic Communications team regularly counsels Vorys’ clients on crisis and strategic communications matters. Whether responding to a reporter’s inquiry or coordinating a comprehensive PR approach, Vorys can help make sure these tactics align with your legal and business strategy.  Contact your Vorys attorney for more information.