Let's Not Take Greece for Granted

Attorneys & Professionals

Zack Space, a principal with Vorys Advisors, authored an op-ed for The Hill titled “Let's Not Take Greece for Granted.”  The article focused on the relationship between the United States and Greece.

The op-ed states:

“Greece and the U.S have long seen one another as important allies. But we should not take the Greeks' steadfast support for granted. Too many frontline issues are at stake for us to continue to pay so little attention to potential adverse geopolitical effects of the Greek economic crisis.

The recent deal between Greece and its creditors may have temporarily mollified markets and decreased the chance of a "Grexit," but it has increased political instability in an already politically unstable Greece and seriously undermined political solidarity in Europe.

As economic suffering increases on the ground in Greece and vitriolic rhetoric continues out of Europe, we run the risk of creating an angry and dispirited (if not humiliated) veto-wielding member of both NATO and the EU. This could lead to serious repercussions for American foreign policy interests.”

 To read the entire article, visit The Hill’s website.