What to Do About Climate Change?

Attorneys & Professionals

Zack Space, a principal with Vorys Advisors, authored an op-ed, “What to Do About Climate Change?,” for The Hill

The op-ed states:

“The science, and frightening consequences, of global warming are impossible for me to ignore. But neither can I ignore the fact that current measures proposed to confront this problem fall inordinately on some of the poorest regions of our country. Bending the curve of carbon emissions to acceptable levels will necessarily require policies that address the injustices — both perceived and real — that currently cloud the debate.

I understand that not all objections to climate change action are founded in regional inequities. There are those whose ideological underpinnings — or those of their constituents — cannot tolerate what is perceived as obtrusive governmental interference in market conditions. Some simply do not believe in anthropogenic climate change. While others cannot justify unilateral efforts without assurances of reciprocal action in other countries.

However, Congress can still achieve the critical mass necessary to affect reform by confronting the impact of that reform on those who can least afford it. Entrust rural Americans as partners in combating global warming and account for the economic implications that energy transformation will impose on coal country. In short, empower us with the tools we need to bear the weight that change will inescapably bring.”

To read the entire op-ed, visit The Hill’s website.