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Summer 2017

FinCEN Proposes New Reporting Requirements for Cyber-Events

By Heather J. Enlow-Novitsky

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) earlier this year issued a proposed rule to change certain data fields on its Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) form. While most of the proposed changes would alter the list of violations that required a SAR, several fields are proposed relating to "cyber-events."  Read more.

Ohio Financial Institutions Should Prepare for Property Tax Valuation Increases as Owners and as Lenders

By Nicholas M.J. Ray

Over the next several months many Ohio county auditors will complete the required six-year tax appraisal of all properties located in their counties.

This will be the first reappraisal since 2011 and is likely to lead to significant increases in tax valuations. The actual increase in tax will vary, however, based upon the relative revaluation of all properties in a taxing district and the application of Ohio’s mandated tax reduction factors.  Read more.

Industrial Loan Companies Redux

By Jeffery E. Smith

The move toward banking industry “disruption” and new “fintech” opportunities has resulted in a revisiting of the industrial loan company (ILC) charter- once a feared vehicle for expansion by Wal-Mart and others into the banking industry.  Read more.

About the Vorys Banking Group

With nearly 20 lawyers dedicated to our banking practice, we have hundreds of years of combined practical, hands-on experience in the banking industry. We have been named a "Top Lead Legal Advisor" by American Banker magazine and a Go-To Law Firm® in banking and finance, securities and corporate transactions by Fortune 500 general counsel.

Our group has extensive experience with all aspects of bank corporate and regulatory legal matters, and our attorneys are in constant contact with senior representatives of state and federal banking agencies concerning a diverse variety of significant client matters. We have been intimately involved in the comprehensive rewrite of Ohio banking laws, currently underway with the Ohio Division of Financial Institutions. In fact, since the inception of this project, one of our lawyers, along with representatives from the Ohio Division of Financial Institutions and the Ohio Bankers League, has been a member of the four-person team tasked with handling the rewrite.

We represent public and non-public institutions, from community banks and thrifts to large, multinational financial institutions throughout the United States including clients in Ohio, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina and West Virginia.

We assist our clients with bank, thrift, holding company and non-bank affiliate formations; securities law matters; board governance and education; regulatory enforcement actions involving state and federal agencies; mergers, acquisitions and divestitures; branch acquisitions and divestitures; regulatory compliance; capitalization, recapitalization and private equity as well as debt transactions; litigation; employment law matters; executive compensation and benefit plans; tax matters; and the negotiation of all types of contracts. We also represent financial institutions and other institutional lenders, as well as borrowers, in all types of complex commercial and real estate financings, bankruptcies and restructurings.

If you have an idea for an article you would like us to pursue, please contact your Vorys attorney. We hope you enjoy the read.

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