Space Featured in Roll Call Article Titled “Zack Space in a Better Space | Life After Congress”

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Zack Space, a principal with Vorys Advisors, was featured in a Roll Call story titled “Zack Space in a Better Space | Life After Congress.”  The story highlighted the work Space does on behalf of Vorys Advisors’ clients and how that differs from his work when he served as a member of Congress.

The story states:

“Since November of 2011, Space has worked as a principal for Vorys Advisors, a firm that provides government relations and strategic counsel to clients. Space works there as a lobbyist, in business development, and with clients involved in economic development — specifically those focused on oil and gas. Elected in the Democratic wave in 2006, he was swept from office in the Republican wave in 2010.

Energy and economic development were two focuses of Space’s work in Congress. During his time in office, he served on the Energy and Commerce Committee, with assignments on the subcommittees on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade; Communications and Technology; and Health.

More than anything, he’s passionately invested in Ohio’s energy politics, which is involved in the Utica Shale play: a huge area covering multiple states and Canada with large quantities of natural gas.

‘[The shale play] created an enormous opportunity for the region, not just in the way of immediate and direct benefits associated with natural gas and oil and wet gas drilling, but also it’s creating this potential for a robust downstream, kind of third wave of manufacturing. … That could create a very robust industry in and of itself, which will provide for lasting and sustainable economic benefits for the region,” he said.’”

To read the entire story, visit the Roll Call website.