Pan Quoted Throughout WCPO Story Titled “3 Reasons to Include Estate Planning in New Year's Resolutions”

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Emily Pan, an associate in the Cincinnati office and a member of the trusts and estates group, was quoted throughout a WCPO story titled “3 Reasons to Include Estate Planning in New Year's Resolutions.”  According to the story, everyone with property and/or children should have an estate plan and the new year is a perfect time to get started or refresh a plan.

The story states:

“Creating an estate plan, which includes but is not limited to getting a will, provides clear details of what people want to happen with their stuff.

Otherwise, the government gets to decide.

‘If you don’t have a will, than your property passes according to state law,’ Pan said.

The will is especially important for parents who want a say in who will care for their children or have specific wishes for how assets are given to the children.”

To read the entire story, visit the WCPO website.