Space featured in Columbus Dispatch Story on Ohio Congressional and Legislative Redistricting Reform

Attorneys & Professionals

Zack Space, a principal with Vorys Advisors, was quoted throughout a Columbus Dispatch story entitled “Is Issue 2 the Best Way to Improve System?.”  The story highlighted a debate that Space participated in about the drawing of Ohio’s legislative and congressional districts.

The story states:

The question coming out of yesterday’s Issue 2 debate wasn’t whether Ohio’s system of drawing legislative and congressional districts should be changed — the consensus is yes — but rather whether the proposed amendment is the right way to do it.

“You’re never going to come up with a plan that satisfies everyone,” said Zack Space, an attorney and former Democratic congressman, arguing on behalf of Issue 2 before the Columbus Metropolitan Club. Space said the “imperfections are grossly outweighed” by the need to end partisan gerrymandering.

Issue 2 would eliminate the state’s current map-drawing system, in which the party in power gerrymanders districts to its benefit, and instead set up a 12-member citizens commission made up of equal numbers of Democrats, Republicans and independents. The commission would draw maps based on criteria such as compactness and competitiveness.

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