Vorys Advisors’ Zack Space featured on Focus Washington

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Former Congressman Zack Space (D-OH), a principal for Vorys Advisors, sat down with Chuck Conconi , the host of Focus Washington, to discuss his new role at Vorys Advisors, politics in Ohio and the 2012 presidential race.

In the interview, Space said he joined Vorys Advisors the because of its leader, retired Congressman David Hobson (R-OH).  With the addition od Space in Nov. 2011, Vorys Advisors is now the only firm that employs two former Ohio members of Congress, one from each political party.  Space said that having bi-partisan consulting firm is an advantage for the firm’s clients. 

 “In this climate, it is becoming a very unpredictable and volatile period politically. And there are many who are projecting that we are going to see this rapid fluctuation back and forth between Democratic and Republican leadership and control of either the House or the Senate or perhaps even the White House. And having a representative of both parties within the same shop I think gives clients a certain degree of confidence and stability knowing that if there is a change or a transition in leadership the firm still has access and relationships,” Space said during the interview.   

Space also talked about the issues he will be working on for Vorys Advisors’ clients. 

“I worked particularly hard on energy, health care and telecom-related issues in Congress and I certainly want to bring that extra piece and institutional knowledge and relationships to clients at Vorys, to work on those issues but I’m not confining it to those,” Space said.  “The firm itself has a very vibrant tax practice. Vorys has very strong energy practice, general litigation, commercial and real estate practices.”

Conconi and Space also discussed politics and the 2012 elections.  Space provided his thoughts on the Democratic Party’s chances to regain control of the U.S. House of Representatives and maintain control of the U.S. Senate.  He also discussed the importance of Ohio in the upcoming presidential election.

“If you look at the maps and the strategy to get to the designated delegation and the number of delegates you need to win, it’s very difficult to get there without getting Ohio,” Space said during the interview.  “Is it possible? Yes, but I anticipate that both the president and his opponent will spend a lot of resources and a lot of time in Ohio this fall.”

To watch the entire interview, click on the video above or visit the Focus Washington website.