Space Featured in Columbus Dispatch Article Titled “Advocates Seek Return to Civility Amid Caustic Campaign”

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Zack Space, a principal with Vorys Advisors and a former member of congress, was quoted in a Columbus Dispatch story about the #ReviveCivility campaign.  According to the story, the campaign, which is allied with the National Institute for Civil Discourse, wants to return respect and reason to politics in a presidential election year they see as careening out of control.

The story states:

“A recent poll found 6 in 10 Americans expect this year's presidential race to go down as one of the nastiest in history. That's unacceptable, advocates of civility said at a Statehouse event.

Citizens need to hold candidates responsible for coarse conduct and also demand ‘common decency’ from themselves, said former Ohio Congressman Zack Space.

The name-calling and polarization of politics has created an environment in which people don't talk reasonably with those they disagree with, said Space, a Democrat from Dover.”

To read the entire story, visit the Columbus Dispatch website.