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Zytcer Quoted in IP Law360 Story Titled “Attorneys React To High Court's Gene Patent Ruling”

Ari Zytcer, an associate in the Vorys Columbus office, was quoted in an IP Law360 story about the U.S. Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling that human genes cannot be patented.  The decision nullified Myriad Genetics Inc.'s patents on isolated genes associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.

Zytcer is quoted in the story stating:

“The decision in Myriad reinforces the importance of a diversified, comprehensive approach to patent protection. The law is fluid; a narrowly focused approach to claiming inventive subject matter is insufficient. Applicants must draft patent applications with multiple claim types, such that written description is provided for all possible permutations of the inventive subject matter described therein."  

To read the entire story, visit the Law360 website. (Subscription required).

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