Robin P. Gabel

eControl Business Strategy Officer
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Offices Cincinnati
Phone 513.723.4604
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Robin is the business strategy officer for Vorys eControl.  She uses data analytics to demonstrate how a controlled online marketplace channel supports brand equity and profitable business growth. In addition, Robin leads the creation and implementation of operative business strategies designed to optimize customized eControl programs, track results and improve ROI.  

In her nearly 15 years as a CPG brand executive prior to joining Vorys eControl, Robin worked at the intersection of traditional retail and eCommerce.  She was responsible for guiding her organization through this evolution and meeting the many rapid industry changes that have followed.  She has deep knowledge and experience in brand management, sales, and channel strategy across both online and offline channels.  As a practitioner, Robin was a thought leader in implementing eControl solutions that allowed her organization to help optimize distribution, reduce channel conflict and drive financial returns. 

At Vorys eControl, Robin helps brands around the world attain their business goals, achieve optimal distribution and protect their brand equity through eControl strategies.  She is responsible for bridging the gap between eControl and business by using data analytics to assess performance and delivering data-based recommendations and reports to executives and other stakeholders. Robin analyzes the specific business goals of clients and works with the eControl team to develop and implement specific eControl strategies. 

Robin also assists the eControl team with internal stakeholder education and alignment around the necessity and benefit of eControl programs, including at on-site workshops for brand executives and through keynote addresses at national eCommerce and other brand-focused conferences.  

Robin received her bachelor’s degree from Southern Oregon University and her MBA from Willamette University. 

Robin is not licensed to practice law in any state and does not provide legal services.