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The 2014 Ohio Hospital Association Annual Meeting

Vorys attorneys Lisa Reisz, Jolie Havens, Michael Bronson, Victor Walton, Liam Gruzs, Linda Mendel and Matthew Albers presented at the Ohio Hospital Association’s Annual Meeting on June 9-10, 2014.

Ms. Reisz presented The Final Omnibus HIPAA Rule: Are You Compliant? She reviewed HIPAA’s new requirements and provided a roadmap to attain and maintain HIPAA compliance.

Mr. Bronson and Mr. Walton’s presentation was titled A Whistleblower in Our Midst: Recognizing Potential Realtors and Preventing Qui Tam Suits. They discussed how providers can recognize potential whistleblowers and institute policies for managing actual and suspected whistleblowers.

Ms. Havens and Mr. Gruzs’ presentation was titled Financial Considerations and Risks Associated with Treating Patients with Exchange-Based Health Coverage. They discussed the financial risk related to HHS guidance and presented potential mitigation strategies involved in treating patients with Health Exchange-based coverage.

Ms. Havens and Ms. Mendel’s presentation was titled ACA Compliance for Employers in 2015: Strategic Considerations for Healthcare Providers and focused on compliance with complex benefit requirements, including employee coverage mandate.

Mr. Albers’ presentation was titled Building the Perfect Beast? – The Arguments For and Against Healthcare Consolidation and Merger in 2014. He provided an overview of the relative advantages and disadvantages to healthcare mergers and consolidation activity in the changing economic, regulatory and political environment.

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