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Healthcare Provider Disputes and Litigation

Vorys partner Lisa Pierce Reisz spoke at the Healthcare Provider Disputes and Litigation conference on August 1.

Ms. Reisz sat on a panel discussion entitled, Developing a HIPAA Risk Assessment to Avoid Litigation Risk and provided insight on recent HIPAA and HITECH challenges and offered guests explanations regarding:

  • Protecting against inadvertent and inappropriate disclosure of protected health information
  • Conducting an accurate and thorough assessment of the potential risks and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic health records held by the provider
  • Identifying all areas of noncompliance with HIPAA’s requirements
  • Transforming privacy guidelines designed for paper records to electronic records
  • Working with the IT department to ensure that proper firewalls and e-protections are in place
  • Exceptions to HIPAA disclosure rules
  • Navigating the regulatory waters in order to prepare for litigation when there is a break in protocol
  • Understanding what health information is protected under HIPAA
  • Reconciling federal privacy and security requirements with various state laws
  • Analyzing the extent of civil and criminal sanctions for breach under HIPAA and its amendments
  • Creating a valid authorization enabling private health information to be disclosed to an attorney
  • Striking the appropriate balance between patient confi dentiality and legitimate use of health information for legal purposes 

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