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Illegal Online Seller Enforcement

Online Counterfeit Enforcement

We match our attorneys, who prosecute online sellers, with a network of investigators and technology created specifically to stop illegal online sales.  Through these efforts we are able to provide solutions and programs to efficiently and effectively eradicate online counterfeit sellers. 

Vorys’ counterfeit enforcement is designed to remove and stop illegal counterfeit sellers permanently, and not simply to play “Whac-A-Mole.”  Our team does this not only by removing counterfeiters’ products and websites and seizing their websites and proceeds, but also by pursing enforcement directly against the online counterfeit sellers until they cease selling counterfeits of clients’ products.  Vorys utilizes an array of services and tools to identify the counterfeit sellers and efficiently stop online counterfeit operations, including:

Working with our clients, we develop tailor-made, graduated enforcement programs that incorporate our array of tools and services to meet our clients’ goals and budgets.