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Internet Defamation

Vorys attorneys team with cyber investigators to stop internet defamation, false reviews, internet crisescyber attacks, cyber bullying and other internet-related issues that damage companies and individuals.  Our team identifies and stops anonymous defamers, cyber attackers and cyber bullies, removes defamatory information from websites and search engine indices, and seeks to recover damages.

False statements on the internet can severely damage a business and a person's reputation. The visibility and impact of such statements can substantially increase over time as false information moves up the search indices, is copied by other links, etc.  Given the short statute of limitations for online defamation cases, it is important that those entities being attacked consider taking action to remove false statements from the internet.

If you believe you or your company is a victim of internet defamation, false reviews, cyber attacks or cyber bulling, Vorys can help.

Vorys has a dedicated team that represents a variety of clients in such matters.  Whether counseling large national corporations, small businesses or individuals, our team, working within the guidelines of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, can work to protect the fragile reputation of any company by taking quick and effective actions.  A few examples include:

Vorys has substantial experience with internet defamation and other internet-related issues.  For more information, please contact Whitney Gibson at 513.723.4823 or by completing this form.